Delight with Convenient and Easy pick-up

Delight with Convenient and Easy pickup

Agilon represents modern and the newest technology that enables easy package pickups and drop-offs. The collect and drop-off hatch is accessible to everyone and allows customers to collect their items whenever suits them best.

Automated Click and Collect

Konecranes Agilon provides an automatic, easy-to-use platform that serves all customers. 

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Customer experience

Convenient 24/7 Pickup

Customers crave convenience - Agilon delivers it. Its fast and intuitive to use and can be configured to accept payments at pickup. Access to purchases is not limited to store opening hours as Agilon can be placed outdoors. 


Indoor and Outdoor possibilities

Placing the Agilon outdoors provides added value for your customers to collect their items at any time of the day. On the other hand, you can increase in-store traffic by placing the Agilon inside.    


Strengthen your brand identity

Customise Agilon the way you like. Choose the colours, logos and the user interface design according to your brand.  


Expand as you grow

There are multiple ways to add capacity to the Agilon-system. As demand grows, expanding your system is simple. If needed, you can also add more pickup points and robots to handle the increase in deliveries.  


Real-time Communication

Nothing gets lost or misplaced within Agilon – on the contrary, the shelf space is optimized to make full use of the space available inside the station. Integrate your system of choice to enable timely customer communication. 


Konecrane Agilon retail

Smartmile and K Group, Finland

A major retailer offers easy parcel service to its customers

K Group, the third largest retailer in northern Europe, actively develops services to help the daily lives of its customers.

Smartmile and MediaMarktSaturn, Germany

Smartmile and MediaMarktSaturn, Germany

Parcel stations go smart and offer totally new services

MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, Europe’s leading consumer electronics retailer and provider of related services, wanted to go one step further.

Lifting Businesses™


With 600 service locations in 50 countries, Konecranes provides specialized maintenance services and spare parts for all types and makes of industrial cranes, hoists and port equipment – from a single piece of equipment to entire operations. Our objective is to improve the safety and productivity of our customers’ operations.